Heating Services


Hydronic heating systems (also called radiant heating) use water to distribute heat throughout your home. The hot water from a central boiler goes through tubing beneath the floors along base board heaters or through radiators to heat each room. If you need a hydronic heating system installed, repaired, or serviced, our team at BD Plumbing can help.

  • Installation of a new hydronic heating system
  • Boiler repair
  • Boiler servicing

Boilers work optimally when they are serviced annually. During boiler maintenance, we will clean the heat exchanger and burner, check the exhaust termination inside and outside, check the air intake, and make adjustments so that the boiler is operating optimally. The benefit of your boiler being serviced is that it is less likely to break down because we fix small issues before they become big issues. It will also keep the boiler operating efficiently and lower your heating bill.

  1. Call
    Give us a call and let us know what you need help with. If it’s a repair, we will let you know the soonest we can be there. If it's an installation, send us the blueprint and we will send you a quote. If it's a renovation, we will have to do a site visit before sending you a quote.
  2. Schedule and Permits
    We discuss the schedule for doing the work and get the necessary permits.
  3. Get the Work Done
    At the scheduled time, we will come and get the work done.