Heating Services


Many homes in Greater Vancouver are heated by gas, electric, or oil boilers. If the boiler in your home isn’t working properly, our gas-qualified professionals can help you repair or replace it.

  • Dripping or leaking
  • Noises such as gurgling or whistling
  • Radiators not heating evenly
  • Boiler starts and stops randomly
  • No heating or not enough heating in the home

Boilers work optimally when they are serviced annually. During boiler maintenance, we will clean the heat exchanger and burner, check the exhaust termination inside and outside, check the air intake, and make adjustments so that the boiler is operating optimally. The benefit of your boiler being serviced is that it is less likely to break down because we fix small issues before they become big issues. It will also keep the boiler operating efficiently and lower your heating bill.

  1. Call
    Give us a call and tell us the issue you’re experiencing. We'll let you know the soonest we can send someone.
  2. Diagnose Problem
    We will look at the issue and discuss the options of repairing or replacing the boiler.
  3. Get the Work Done
    If it is a repair and we have the necessary parts in our truck, we can do the work immediately. If we need to order parts or install a new boiler, we will schedule a time to get the work done.